Presentation by Dr. Cooper – Postmodern Spirituality: Religion for a New Age

In case you missed it, last night at Fellowship Church in Big Rapids, a presentation was made by Dr. John Cooper on Postmodern Spirituality: Religion for a New Age.

You can listen to the the entire presentation and after listening, join us in the discussion and ask questions here at Fellowship Church or online at the forum

Contrary to predictions by modern secularism, religion and spirituality are thriving in postmodern culture. This presentation considers some key kinds and characteristics of postmodern spirituality in traditional and new religions–emphases on experience, relationships, openness, and pluralism with few institutional, doctrinal, or behavioral requirements. The presentation concludes with reflections on postmodern spirituality from a Christian perspective.


Handout/Outline – Postmodern Spirituality

Making Disciples Into Disciplemakers