About Us

We are a family. We are God’s family, united by our belief in God through Jesus Christ and by the power of His Spirit. We are a family in which every person counts:

  • women and men
  • boys and girls
  • senior citizens and infants
  • rich and poor
  • single and married persons
  • college and community members

We would like you also to be a member of God’s family and to experience with us His special love.

We are Christians. We have much in common with many other people in this world. We pray the Lord’s Prayer; we confess the Apostle’s Creed; we read the Bible, God’s Word, to discover what God’s purpose is for us and His world. We also belong to the Christian Reformed denomination, a group of churches founded in 1857 which traces its roots to the teachings of John Calvin.

What We Do

We celebrate. We celebrate God’s grace together every Sunday. We partipate in worship. We pray together. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper and Baptism together. And we listen to what God wants His children to do with the new lives He has given them.

We enjoy each other’s company. We call ourselves Fellowship Church because we believe that being together is an important part of what it means to be Christians. We enjoy talking and laughing together at our coffee times, church dinners, and picnics. We enjoy discovering each other’s interests and abilities. We are happy that God has made us a family.

We learn. In order to grow as a family, we participate together in different types of groups, classes, and Bible studies.

We help each other and others. Because God wants us to help people, we collect food and money for those in need, visit the sick and lonely, and offer comfort to the hurting and hope to the despairing.

Making Disciples Into Disciplemakers