The Next Great Awakening Prayer Gathering

You are invited to a prayer gathering of ministers and parishioners from Mecosta County and the surrounding area.

Many Christians have stopped praying for spiritual and moral revival in the United States because they believe it’s too late—they think that America has seen its better days and is ripe for God’s judgment.

Author Dr. Terry Slachter, Executive Director of Project Philip Ministries in Grand Rapids, recently published a book entitled The Next Great Awakening. This 41 day devotional-history book challenges our pessimism through a Biblical and historical study of great spiritual awakenings, especially the Second Great Awakening (1800). The last decade of the 18th century America was one of the most immoral and godless times in our nation’s history. If God was able to breathe new life into the dying churches of that age, transform entire communities, and launch one of the greatest missionary movements from our shores. . . why should we doubt his ability to do it again in our century, and even here in Mecosta County?

Dr. Slachter will present material from his book and will lead the discussion and prayer to follow. The meeting will be held here, at Fellowship Church at 7:00 PM on Monday night, September 29th. Come and bring a friend!