Church Camping Trip 2010

Hi FCRC camping buddies,

Spring and summer are coming and it is time to get reservations for our annual church camping weekend!

The consensus last year seemed to be to return to Ludington St. Park and Ludington is always a great choice. We will gather on the weekend of June 4, 5 and 6 in the Pines campground: sites 79-88. This will put us close to the sand and beach, which should be fun for the kids. The later date will hopefully give us warmer weather.

As in year’s past, please make your own reservations – but if you need help to make your reservations please let Scott VH know.

Reservations online can be made at

Start planning and praying for another blessed weekend!

So far we have 6 camping sites reserved that I am aware of: VanderHills on 85, VanderPloegs on 84, Spitzer on 83, and Volkers on 5, Salls on 82, Wissinks on 86.

For those of you still planning on making reservations it would be nice if you would pick from sites 9, 11, 12, 88, 89, 90 or 91 so that we can all be on sites next to each other.

Friday afternoon and evening: Set up your camp site and you are on your own for dinner.

Friday night at dark: Campfire devotions followed by smores and pie irons. We’ll probable meet at the Vander Hill’s or Vander Ploeg’s site (whichever has the most room).

Saturday AM: Communal breakfast. Send the kids over. Dee, Lisa and I will feed the kids and let them play in the dirt while you get to sleep in! Breakfast starts when the kids get up and goes to about halfway to lunch time.

Saturday Lunch: You are own your own for lunch if you are still hungry after your leisurely late breakfast feast…

Saturday afternoon: Explore, Bike, Shop (Randi), Free windsurfing lessons, baby! (I might have a wet suit that fits you) See you on the beach!

Saturday PM @ 6:30ish: Group devotions followed by a group meal and campfire time. Try to catch the sunset.

Sunday AM: Another sumptuous communal breakfast followed by Church/worship under the trees at 9:30ish.

Sunday noon: Lunch on your own while you break camp. Then if you want to stay longer you can park in the parking lot or on the road and enjoy the park until you are ready to leave.

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